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Face Mask Exemption Cards / Letters Posted on 23 Jul 2020

We are getting a number of request's for GP letter's to exempt patients from wearing masks in shops. Unfortunately this is not something we provide, however, we have found that a lot of Charity Organisations have created their own digital and printable exemption cards.

Please see below for an example from Action on Hearing Loss........

Exemption card

(Specific to Action on Hearing Loss)

As explained above, the Governments across the UK have created a number of exemptions which means that people may not need to wear a face cover.

If these apply to you then you don’t need anything to prove an exemption from wearing a face covering on public transport in England and Scotland.

But we’ve been told that people are worried about being challenged or forced to explain themselves. So we’ve created a card you can choose to carry, or provide to someone you are travelling with, to make it easy to demonstrate the exemption without communicating verbally.


  • A medical exemption card.
  • Mandatory.


  • Empowering you with information on your rights.

Click here to download an exemption card to print at home.

Click here to download a digital exemption card to save to your smartphone.






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