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10th October 2019 - World Mental Health Day Posted on 18 Dec 2019

Take Care of your mental health this World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day. 10th October.

Parkside Medical Centre encourages you to take steps to look after your mental wellbeing for World Mental Health Day on the 10th October 2019.


One in four adults and one in ten children will have some sort of mental health issue in their lifes, but sometimes don't know what help they need, how to get it or feel embasrrassed talking about their problems.


The state of mind of your mental health can be affected by factors such as changes in our lives, health worries, work related stress and grief among other things. Alcohol and drugs can also have a negative effect.


In some circumstances people will experience a mental health crisis. This often means that you no longer feel able to cope or in control of your situation.


It is really important that you treat your mental health as you would you physical health.


Speak to someone about how you are feeling, that can be anyone from a friend, family or colleague


Just because we can't visably see the symptoms, we shouldnt ignore them.


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